Wireframe and Mockup Tools

Why are Wireframe and Mockup Tools important?

Prateek Majumder
3 min readJul 10, 2021

Wireframe and Mockup tools are important steps in turning any digital product into reality. A wireframe tool is used to create the basic blueprint of any app or website. A wireframe represents the basic structure, functions, and content of an application. On the other hand, a mockup introduces colours, style, typography, design and to an extent, the actual content and stuff the app is going to deal with.

Using wireframes, we can show a basic overall idea of the application to clients and other stakeholders before proceeding with a design.

Wireframing makes the whole process of the creation of an app or website very easy and saves a lot of time. A Mockup gives a realistic idea of how things are going to look when the app/website is complete.

A good Wireframe and Mockup tool is Claritee.

Claritee is an easy-to-use wireframing and layout application that clarifies the initial phase of a project journey, enabling visual collaboration at the ideation stage for everyone involved.

A wireframe, intentionally, looks like a drawing or a diagram so that the viewer can differentiate between the actual product and the ideation of the actual product. It normally has a greyscale colour palette. It mostly consists of boxes, lines, and text.
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A wireframe presents descriptions and core visuals of an app, including various user interactions and interface behaviour. Using a wireframe, we can understand how the app will look.


A mockup visually represents the features of an app as they are going to appear in the final version.


Using Claritee, it is easy to transform abstract ideas into interactive visual product requirements with their smart guided content and easy-to-use states.

It is built for designers, project managers, business owners, marketers, and basically anyone with an idea.

What is Claritee all about?

  • Offers a collaborative, agile, workspace that unifies team members at the ideation stage.
  • Low learning curve and therefore suitable for all — if you are technically inclined or not.
  • Replaces endless emails and written requirements with visual interactive wireframes, resulting in all team members being on the same page from the idea stage.
  • Enables accurate time estimates for tasks.
  • Web-based hub — Access your work online, no need to download any software.

Some great features of Claritee:

  • Smart content — Claritee guides you with the content you might need by offering drag&drop section building blocks
  • Interactive site map tool
  • Interactive states editable from the canvas
  • Intuitive quick linking for working clickable previews of your wireframes
  • Extensive smart content library
  • Extensive library of drag&drop Quick Elements
  • Containers — create a section once and use it across your project
  • Standard and custom canvas size options
  • Real-time live collaboration
  • Drawing tools
  • Responsive interactive table tool
  • Interactive preview on play
  • Mark canvas as ready
  • Conversations and notes
  • Timeline activity
  • Time estimations panel based on the wireframes you have created
  • My Images panel


The whole design process consists of initial sketches, wireframes, mockups and finally the prototype.

In this process, wireframes and mockups serve as great ways to design and shape our app.

Claritee is easy and simple to use and is a must-try.

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