How to use YRL to earn money as a Content Creator?

Becoming an independent marketer with YRL

Prateek Majumder
2 min readJul 15, 2021

Content creators, writers and bloggers can earn in a lot of ways. But, what if there was a way via which anyone can earn in their free time. A way by which, anyone can earn by sharing links. Seems interesting, right?

This is YRL. On YRL, you can become an independent marketer. The links can be shared anywhere you like- Medium, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Email or even Direct Messages.

How YRL works?

After creating the account, creators can browse through the available campaigns. Creators can choose whichever campaign they like and claim their YRL. YRL links are personal links to marketing campaign sites/landing pages.

On click, they directly refer to the marketing campaign sites/landing pages. Next, creators can share the links on any platform they like.

What makes YRL different from traditional ADs is this part. Creators can share and promote something according to their niche, interests and audience. This makes the content relevant to their audience.

In the case of ADs, they are just spammy and cause a lot of inconveniences for the whole web surfing journey.

A good example of where to share YRLs would be a blog post or an article explaining the product/ service which is to be promoted.

How to earn?

Every time someone clicks on a YRL, creators get paid. And it happens in real-time. Basically, creators get paid to bring users to the businesses.

So, what happens is businesses instead of running ADs, pay creators to talk about their product, service or any other offering. Creators do the task of explaining everything to the world about what the business wants to promote.

Creators can promote anything in any way they like. YRL is all about making marketing and promotion simple and organic.

YRL is currently available in:

North America: USA, Canada

Europe: UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, NORDICS

Asia: Japan, Singapore, India

YRL can help creators earn in an easy way. There is no entry barrier to join YRL. Normal people can also claim YRLs and promote them. Traditional affiliate marketing deals with mainly consumer goods, but with YRL, anything can be marketed. It can be a Youtube video or a SmartPhone landing page.

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