Announcing to the Right Audience

Prateek Majumder
2 min readNov 7, 2020


Being an engineering student, I’m surprised that even today for sharing announcements, people still go door to door in apartment complexes and Local businesses still rely on flyers and pamphlets to attract customers. To spread a word in the local community, people are still depending upon phone calls and word of mouth.

Announce; a new platform to create and view announcements based on location could fill this gap.

While using Announce, if I want to create an announcement, I can define the area where it will be visible. By drawing the area on the map, I mark the geographical boundaries within which users can view announcements. The demarcation of the boundaries can be done using a stylus, touch or mouse depending on the device I am using. The feature makes it easy for me to set who gets the announcement and who does not. It is very easy to draw out the location, with this feature, I can even specify which areas of the neighborhood will be receiving the announcements and which areas won’t be.

Creating Announcements on Announce

While creating an announcement, I need to add a title to the announcement, select the category of the announcement. Next comes other important details like the announcement expiration date and details like website, phone number (for contact) and venue information. Adding all this information is very easy.

Marking the area on the map where the announcement will be visible

After adding the details, I can draw the area on the map where this announcement is relevant. These things are very easy, and anyone can use Announce to create their own announcements.

After adding all the details, I can click on “Submit” and the announcement will be created

Finally after adding all the relevant information, submit and the announcement will be created. Users using the application will now be able to see the announcement I made.

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